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What To Bring


We provide the surfboard, leash and rashguards for your surf lesson


Water : A nice luxury to have with you on the beach.

Sunscreen : Very important here in Costa Rica. We are very close to the equator. Using a Rash-guard helps too.

Towels :  Nice to have but its never cold here and you usually dry fast anyways.





What Not To Bring


Sunglasses, Hats, or jewelry may be taken by the ocean. Its generally a good idea to leave these at home.


Unless you have someone watching them on the beach, everything else you bring should be left at our surf shop during your lesson. Costa Rica is a very safe country but there is petty crime. If you leave your sandals on the beach. Someone might walk up, slip them on, and walk away. A good rule is never leave anything on the beach that you wouldn't mind losing. But don't worry. Our surf shop 20 meters from the beach and a minute walk from the location of many of our surf lessons.






What To Wear



MEN:  It's best to use brand name board shorts if you have them. They are designed for surfing and will allow you mobility. The draw string keeps them on tight and the pocked won't fill with water. Rashguards are also great for protecting from the sun and are much lighter than a wet t-shirt.If you don't have a rashguard, you can use ours for your surf lessons. Rash guards, just like in the name, protects your body from small abrasions caused by rubbing on your surfboard.


WOMEN:  We reccomend board shorts or bikini with a drawstring if you have them. If not, you most secure bikini should be fine.  Using a rashguard will protect you from the sun, protect you from abrasions from the board and help keep everything in place.


Pedro's sign at pedro's surf shop in tamarindo costa rica
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