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Ding Repair

  • 100% guaranteed

  • Most jobs done in 24 hours

  • 8 years experience

  • Best prices

 Before                  After

     When the waves are pumping, you can't be sitting around waiting for a repair. We will finish your repair within 24 hours unless it is a very big job. Whether your board is epoxy or fiberglass, we will get you back in the water with money left over for breakfast after your session. We have fixed 1000s of dings and have seen it all.  No job is too big or too small. All our repairs are garenteed. If you discover a problem with your repair, we will fix it again for free.


These are estimated prices. Bring your board in and we can tell you the exact price.

Additional dings are 1/2 price

These prices are for fiberglass. For epoxy boards, please add 20%.




2 inch ding                                       $ 10

                                                              add $ 6 for foam damages

4 inch ding                                       $ 16

                                                               add $ 8 for foam damages

6 inch ding                                       $ 20

                                                                add $ 10 for foam damages

8 inch ding                                       $ 24

                                                                add $ 12 for foam damages


Ding on Rail                                           add $ 8


Ding on nose or tail                              add $ 15 for tail repair





Glass on fin                                      $ 40 plus cost of fin

Fcs plug replacement                     $ 40

   additional plug                             $ 25

Future box replacement                $ 45

Leash plug replacements              $ 28



Broken Boards /



Shortboard buckle 1 side-              $ 50

                                  2 sides-             $ 75

Shortboard broken in half-            $ 120

Longboard broken in half-             $ 150

Delamination-                                  -depends on the size and                                                                                                                                                    how you would like us to fix it.

Pedro's sign at pedro's surf shop in tamarindo costa rica
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