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Fishing Tours






Price is $270 for 4 hours.
Can bring up to 4 people. Best price in town 
The boat is a 27 foot panga with a new 75 Yamaha motor.
Captains:        Don Pedro                (Pedro's father) 40 years fishing experience in Tamarindo
                         Jason Gamble         (Pedro's brother in law) experienced fisherman and surfer from  Florida.
First-mate       Alex                           (Pedro's brother) grew up fishing and surfing Tamarindo.
After exiting the National Park, we can troll for fish like Mahi-Mahi or Tuna. We can also bottom fish for Red Snapper or Grouper. Jason and Pedro know all the spots. Tedy (Pedro's sister) can cook what you catch.
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We love to snorkel. When there are no waves, that means it is usually great for snorkeling. 

Let us show you our favorite spots. When the visibility is good,  Tamarindo has the best snorkeling around due to the abundence of sealife.

Other locations with consistently clear water can be reached by boat or car.

We will give you instructions on how to snorkel and dive under water.  We have many tip to increase your likelihood of seeing the big fish. You are likely to see many beautiful reef fish, manta rays, turtles, lobsters and maybe even an octopus.


We provide the  mask, snorkel, fins and carrying bag.







































                        Snorkeling tour In Tamarindo                                                                      -   $30 pp


                         Snorkeling tour in Conchal / Bahia de los Pirata                                         -   $60pp               

                                  minimum 2 people. allow 3 hours. transportation includes


                          Snorkeling by boat

                                  1/2 day, 4 hours, can bring up to $4 people                                        -  $300 for 4



                Captain Island in Tamarindo                                                              Playa Conchal in Brasilito                                                            Desserted Island

Pedro's sign at pedro's surf shop in tamarindo costa rica
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